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Integral Electronic Flow Transmitter Model # 9500P for Thermal Instrument insertion style mass flow meter

A uniquely designed microprocessor controlled electronic transmitter provides integral local control and display in an explosion proof housing for our mass flow meters.  Optional remote mounting of the electronic transmitter up to a distance of 4000 ft. from the mass flow meter sensor provides additional versatility depending on the application.

Flow signal linearity and temperature effects, determined at calibration, are corrected by the microprocessor using operating parameter data stored in the EEPROM memory.

Our model 9500P microprocessor controlled electronic transmitter provides integral local control and programming capabilities allowing for on-site modifications to many flow factors. Our newly integrated menu system is available as an opton on our Model 9500P. This provides greater flexibility to the end user by allowing for changes to the instrument as flow parameters and applications change. The integral Menu System will allow for the modification to the following:   

  • Filter Factor
  • Zero Cutoff %
  • Flow Factor or "K"
  • Full scale Flow Range
  • Pipe ID Size Changes
  • Modbus ID Values
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Capabilities
Available Output on the 9500 Electronics are:
  • Standard 4 - 20 mA
  • Optional Modbus 485 (See our FAQ section for more specifics)
  • Compatible with Hart Communications  
9500 Electronics can be powered by 24 VDC, 110 VAC, 220 VAC, and 100 VAC.


The Thermal Instrument 9200B special purpose flow computer accepts analog input from the thermal mass flow meter and provides linearization of the sensor and scaling to the Flow Rate and Total indicators. A variety of Pulse Outputs, Analog Outputs, Control Inputs, Relay Alarms and RS-232 Outputs are provided standard. RS-485 Modbus RTU is also an ordering option.

9200B Signal Processor Features:
Type: 2 lines of 20 characters, Backlit LCD
Character Size: 0.3" nominal
Isolated 4-20 mA Analog Output:
Type: Isolated Current Sourcing
Resolution:12 bit
Update Rate: 1 update/sec minimum
Maximum Load: 1000 ohms (at nominal line voltage)
Averaging: User entry of damping constant to cause a smooth control action.
Isolated Totalizer Pulse Output:
Pulse Output Form: Open Collector
Maximum On Current: 25 mA
Maximum Off Voltage: 30 VDC
Saturation Voltage: 1.0 VDC
Maximum Off Current: 0.1 mA
Pulse Duration: 10 mSec or 100 mSec
Pulse Output Buffer: 256
Fault Protection
Reverse polarity: Shunt Diode
Relay Outputs:
The relay outputs are menu assignable to (Individually for each relay) Low Rate Alarm, Hi Rate Alarm, Prewarn Alarm, Preset Alarm or General purpose warning (security).
Number of relays: 4
Contact Style: Form C contacts
Contact Ratings: 5 amp, 240 VAC or 30 VDC
Auxiliary DC Supply with High Current Capability:
24 VDC 420 mA (600 mA Peak)
Power Input:
110 VAC Power: 85-127 Vrms, 50/60 Hz (11.0 VA)
220 VAC Power: 170-276 Vrms, 50/60 Hz (11.0 VA)
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
Humidity: 0-95% Non-condensing
Materials: U.L. approved


Model 926 Analog/Digital Signal Conductor

Takes the non-linear analog flow signal from one of our probe or in-line mass flow meter transducers and converts it to a linear output signal. Unique 12 bit data system assures signal smoothness and optimum accuracy. In order to maximize efficiency and minimize heat generation, switching supplies are used. Options available include: local display of Flow, 8 digit Totalization and HI/LO alarm set points.

Flow Rate Display
Vacuum Fluorescent or LED numbers and engineering units legends
Flow Totalizer
8 digit readout
30 days backup battery for count
Totalizer with pulse output normally +12 VDC @ 30 milliseconds standard, options are +5, +24 VDC etc. as well as NPN transistor open collector
Batch counter
Alarm Outputs
Hi / Lo set points
Multiple Sensing Points
Forward / Reverse Direction Sensing
Dual Range / Dual Fluids
Dual range is taking one flowrange and dividing it into two separate flowranges for the 4-20 MADC output, switch selectable
Dual fluids is one transducer calibrated for two fluids, switch selectable
Temperature Range:
-40°C to 70°C without display
-20°C to 70°C with flow rate or totalizer display
110v AC; 220v AC @ 1/2 Amp; 24v DC @ 1 Amp
Isolated Output
Current 4 to 20 milliamps
1000 ohm (maximum load
voltage 0 to 10 MV
0 to 100 MV
0 to 5 VDC
1 to 5 VDC
High impedence load power is supplied by internal 30 volt source