Thermal Mass Flow A Good Fit for Cooling Water Applications

Cooling Water is used in a wide number of industries and applications. Power Generation, Refineries, and all types of manufacturing operations around the world use water to cool equipment because it is inexpensive and non-toxic. Thermal Instrument has been measuring water flow with mass flow meter technology for more than 50 years. Cooling water can be recirculated allowing for repeated use and can be sourced from rivers, seas, municipal, or well-drawn sources making it an economical cooling solution.   

Thermal Instrument manufactures a mass flow meter in both an insertion probe (our Model # 62-9) and an in-line (our Model # 600-9) unobstructed flow meter that can measure cooling water accurately and efficiently no matter the source. The Mass Flow Meter technology can even measure DI water because thermal mass does not measure the electrical conductivity of a fluid like other technologies. Additionally, with the versatility of our insertion probe model, cooling water traveling through large pipe sizes can be measured very economically. When you have larger line sizes (3" - 60") you will be pleased at how budget friendly our insertion probe mass flow meter can be when compared against other technologies available. With our meters, you can expect the same great accuracy, repeatability, and wide turn down that you have come to expect from thermal mass flow technology. If you have smaller line sizes, not a problem, our in-line mode (600-9) is available as small as 1/4" and is a perfect measurement solution up to lines 4" and even greater depending upon your application. 

Due to our experience in measuring water flow, we were contacted by a large aerospace and defense contractor. This contractor has been selected to build the ground structure for the next generation “Space Fence” for the U.S. Air Force, based in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. The Space Fence will monitor debris and space junk orbiting the earth’s atmosphere utilizing the latest S-Band Radar Systems. The Structure is currently under construction and will be operational in 2019.  The structure will house the cooling system needed for all of the radar equipment that will be based at this location and will feature a variety of line sizes and varying water flows. They needed a meter that could work across a variety of line sizes with the ability to select the line size as they go. 

Thermal Instrument Company is providing the customer with our Model # 62-9 insertion probe with integrated electronics (Model # 9500PI) featuring an on-board menu system to allow for Mass Flow Meter used to measure cooling water in large pipes by Thermal Instrument Company. Model # 62-9/9500P. www.thermalinstrument.comuser initiated line size changes. The customer has cooling water line sizes ranging from 2” up to 24” and flow ranges up to 9000 GPM. 

The flow meters will display Flow and Totalized Flow information, a 4-20mA output for both Flow and Temperature information, and an integral menu system to select appropriate line size. The meters are constructed from a ¾” OD 316SS tubing with a MNPT process connection and a Wire Rope Restraint system for added security. Probe lengths vary from as small as 9” in length up to 25” in length. In addition to the flow meters, Thermal Instrument is also supplying flow switches (Model # 62-9FS) to help monitor some of the non-critical processes. Our flow switches are made to the same high standards that you have come to expect from Thermal Instrument Company. We engineer all of our instruments to each application in order to make sure we are providing the best solution for your application. 

Key Features include:
  • Rugged Construction of 316SS
  • Easy Installation – ¾” MNPT Packing Gland
  • Single Piece Welded Construction with no ports to clog
  • On Board Menu Selectable Line Sizing
  • Installed Back up Sensors
  • Sensors are internal and never come into direct contact with passing fluid
  • Flow and Total Flow monitored
  • Independent 4-20mA output for Temperature
  • Accurate and Repeatable
  • High Turndown – 100:1
Contact us or one of our sales partners for more information on how we can help you measure cooling water.