Flow Switch Specifications

• Calibrated to each application

• Mass flow technology

• High Pressure

• In-line model offers unobstructed path

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Model 62-9FS & 600-9FS Thermal Mass Flow Switches

The durability, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use of this mass flow switch make it the economical choice for measuring and controlling flow. The electronics are built into the condulet which mounts on the Model 62-9 and 600-9. A plant technician is able to accurately field set the trip point by adjusting the potentiometer. Using a voltmeter, the technician can then compare trip point voltage with the calibration voltages given on calibration chart provided with each meter. Trip high/trip low function can be field-enabled with a simple jumper change.

On the dual switch model, the second trip point may be either flow or temperature. Also, the temperature circuit can be configured to transmit the flow temperature as a linear voltage. The second trip circuit is independent of the primary trip point circuit. One alarm can be set to trip on a high flow rate while the other is set to trip on a low flow rate.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • True mass flow for gases and liquids
  • All welded 316SS body standard
  • Special materials available for corrosion or abrasion resistance
  • Unobstructed flow path
  • Pipe sizes and fittings to suit applications
  • 250 to 800F service
  • -14.7 to 15,000 PSIG
  • Automatic pressure and temperature compensation
  • Protected precision RTD sensor
  • Explosion-proof construction
  • Single alarm levels = 2 flow point alarms (temp is optional within two alarm system)
  • Fail safe design
  • Calibration chart provided for each meter
  • Temperature alarm optional
  • Form C (SPDT) 5 amp relays
  • Field change for trip high/trip low
  • Field change for input power 115/230 VAC 15 Watts
  • 24 VDC operation available